Nov 18, 2020 | Blog

Allen Gross, Life Enrichment Specialist
Palm Garden of Clearwater

Allen Gross with mask and glasses on

Allen adopted a group of sisters in 1993 from the Department of Children and Families, Florida Foster Care System. He came to believe, after being a foster parent for over two years, that you should never separate siblings. Allan has a big heart, as well as a big family. He chose to adopt because he wanted to offer a stable home for at-risk children. It was also a reminder for his biological children just how blessed and fortunate they were to be raised in a loving and stable environment. “There’s nothing more important in this world than caring for a child.” –Seth Adam Smith, Rip VanWinkle, and the Pumpkin Lantern.

Allen brings his love of life and celebration of life stories to our guests and residents every day. He is an essential member of our Life Enrichment team. Whether sharing his wisdom or dancing with joy, Allen is a GEM and we are grateful.

Allen Gross dancing and holding a sign of his wisdoms