Our Team

Executive Director – Jan Davis
Ms. Davis has been serving the Jacksonville’s healthcare community in many capacities for over 35 years. Starting out as a nursing assistant in the late 1970’s she had experience working in almost every roll in a skilled nursing center before becoming a licensed nursing home administrator in 1980. Having been a nursing home administrator for the past 34 years she has worked diligently to provide quality nursing and rehabilitation services to the Jacksonville community.

Medical Director – David J. Samara, MD
Dr. Samara has dedicated over 30 years to overseeing the care and treatment of the elderly. Starting out his career as a Urologist he saw a need for improving the care of the older patients. With that in mind he began working with local nursing homes and became both the attending physician and Medical Director in a select few.

Director of Rehabilitation – Lori Kite
Lori got her degree in exercise science at the University of Florida. She continued her education which enabled her to become a licensed physical therapy assistant. She has been providing rehab services at Palm Garden for over 10 years. Through her caring and encouraging approach she and her team of rehab professionals have improved the mobility of many patients and have made it possible for many to return to their homes.

Director of Clinical Services – Shuri Norris, RN 

Director of Culinary Services- Marie Belony

Director of Transitional Services – Debbie Cooper-Davis

Director of Transitional Services – Cheryl Malone

Life Enrichment Director – Lindsay Moberg

Director of Plant Operations – Elaine Irvin

Director of Plant Operations – John King

Social Services – Ca-Shauna Tuggle, MSW

Business Office Manager – Tonya Zipperer

Care Plan Specialists – Janet McTaggart, RN and Carol Gilbert, LPN

Health Information Specialist – Stacie Tompkins

Director of Staff Development – Jay Boateng, LPN

Director of Guest Relations – Andrea Simmons

Director of Quality Assurance – Surita Boggs

Chaplain Thompson